Paulo Joquino

Neobanking for SMEs in Southeast Asia: On Call with Aspire CEO and co-founder Andrea Baronchelli

“We realized that, as we were building Aspire, that a full generation of new entrepreneurs and business owners, they didn’t have a banking brand that they felt connected with and that was offering digital financial services with speed and transparency that they expected…”

Product Leaders 3: Five Best Practices on Managing Customer Feedback

Feedback is a foundational part of product development, but can easily become confusing and misleading if not managed well. Product leaders from our portfolio share best practices for effectively managing customer feedback.

Leading the future of startup marketing with Carro Group CMO Manisha Seewal Part 2

“As the customers’ choices become more practical, advertising, communications, and strategy also have to follow suit to become a lot more practical. The moment we are seen as an indulgent brand that doesn’t speak the same lingo as a customer, they will immediately cut us off.”

Beyond the crisis, Southeast Asia’s venture capital gearing for the “exit” line

Our take on Southeast Asia’s venture capital landscape this year, and how the current crisis, combined with various strategies early-stage VCs have been employing, will shape outcomes for the region’s startup ecosystem.