Singapore’s Tech.Pass and the bigger picture for talent in post-COVID Southeast Asia

There are times when what a startup needs to unlock their next stage of growth is not another dose of capital but an industry goliath on the team whose experience can provide fresh insight and radically improve the company’s growth trajectory. 

Unifying the two spheres of global innovation: the role of ASEANnovation on the world stage

Following a historic week of change in US politics and China tech, Yinglan shares his thoughts on the broader narrative of innovation across the Pacific and the important role Southeast Asia’s own ecosystem innovation will play on the world stage in the years to come.

ASEAN New Economy Conference 2020: Notes on navigating logistics across Southeast Asia’s 25,000 islands

“From my point of view, the only way for us to tackle 25000 islands without doing everything ourselves and doing it cost-efficiently is to go via partnerships,” says Junkai Ng, CEO and co-founder of Janio.

Beyond the crisis, Southeast Asia’s venture capital gearing for the “exit” line

Our take on Southeast Asia’s venture capital landscape this year, and how the current crisis, combined with various strategies early-stage VCs have been employing, will shape outcomes for the region’s startup ecosystem.