Exclusive interview features of Insignia founders on their stories of starting up, the future of their industry, and management practices

Product Leaders 4: Designing an anatomy for rapid user acquisition

Having scaled customer acquisition 50x over the first half of this year, rising Indonesian edtech star Pahamify’s CPO and co-founder Dr Mohammad Ikhsan shares in the fourth edition of Product Leaders their product-centric user acquisition strategy.

Product Leaders 3: Five Best Practices on Managing Customer Feedback

Feedback is a foundational part of product development, but can easily become confusing and misleading if not managed well. Product leaders from our portfolio share best practices for effectively managing customer feedback.

Product Leaders 2: Translating business into product

Behind every product is a story of translating business into product. In our second edition of product leaders, we explore what it takes to craft these stories, with Payfazz co-founder and CPO Jefriyanto Jefriyanto and Aspire Head of Product Damien Passavent.