Wed. Sep 23rd, 2020


Leading the future of startup marketing with Carro Group CMO Manisha Seewal Part 2

“As the customers’ choices become more practical, advertising, communications, and strategy also have to follow suit to become a lot more practical. The moment we are seen as an indulgent brand that doesn’t speak the same lingo as a customer, they will immediately cut us off.”

Leading the “Google Play” of fintech apps for Indonesia’s rural economy with Payfazz CEO and co-founder Hendra Kwik

“We would like to see PayFazz as the Google Play of financial services for rural people. That’s how we evolved from the bill payment agent network to finally become the go-to agents for every financial service.”

Building Southeast Asia’s first digital-only bank in the Philippines with tonik CEO and founder Greg Krasnov

“There’s definitely a very clear value chain to the consumer finance business…now possible to do through purely digital means…If you execute on them, well, then you can ultimately build a very profitable proposition.”

Paving the ecommerce road for Indonesia’s rural economy with Super CEO and co-founder Steven Wongsoredjo

“The social commerce market in Indonesia is massive compared to any third-world country…In the next three to five years there’s going to be four to five kingdoms of social commerce, and we’re going to be one of them.”