Establishing thought leadership in Southeast Asia’s logistics Part 1: On Call with Janio Asia co-founder and Head of Marketing Nathaniel Yim

“…to make up for this lack of physical footprint, our digital footprint needs to be strong enough…so content marketing then was a very natural, choice of key initiatives that we’ve embarked on.”

Riding a new wave of growth with Vietnam’s financial markets: On Call with Finhay CEO and Founder Huy Nghiem

“We [are] the one of very few businesses that are actually doing well during this time. Our traction has grown more than 10x so far and transaction volume also increased, average value per order also increased, brand awareness also has improved significantly…”

Graduating from Gojek executive to proptech startup founder: On Call with Pinhome co-founder Dayu Dara Permata and Ahmed Aljunied

“For me, Go-Jek was almost an entrepreneurship academy…In five years, I was ready to graduate and apply all my knowledge, expertise, and network to build my own startup.”

Neobanking for SMEs in Southeast Asia: On Call with Aspire CEO and co-founder Andrea Baronchelli

“We realized that, as we were building Aspire, that a full generation of new entrepreneurs and business owners, they didn’t have a banking brand that they felt connected with and that was offering digital financial services with speed and transparency that they expected…”

Leading the future of startup marketing with Carro Group CMO Manisha Seewal Part 2

“As the customers’ choices become more practical, advertising, communications, and strategy also have to follow suit to become a lot more practical. The moment we are seen as an indulgent brand that doesn’t speak the same lingo as a customer, they will immediately cut us off.”