How FishLog became the first Indonesian agritech to established a US-based company and distribute its own seafood brands in the US

FishLog imports Indonesian seafood products to the US, paired to its proprietary tracing technology

How FishLog is driving Indonesian fisheries industry’s global competitiveness

How FishLog became the first Indonesian agritech to established a US-based company and distribute its own seafood brands in the US

How FishLog became the first Indonesian agritech to established a US-based company and distribute its own seafood brands in the US, continuing to drive Indonesian fisheries global competitiveness

FishLog recently announced a fresh round of funding on the back of the growth of its US business, which it launched in 2023. To date, the company has distributed over 60,000 kg of seafood products in the US by connecting over 60 domestic and international buyers and helping them expand their business.

(1) Market potential

Even before it launched in the US, FishLog already saw the potential for Indonesia’s US$30B fisheries business to meet the US$20.3B import surplus of the US’s seafood industry.

(2) Existing capabilities to support global exports

But their ability to tap into this opportunity goes beyond simply distributing seafood products from Indonesia to the US. It is rooted in the company’s mission of improving supply chain efficiency and financing access for the country’s fisheries industry. They prioritize developing the right infrastructure and partnerships for fisheries businesses in Indonesia to unlock global growth, whether that means enabling cold storage facility partners with technology or enabling financing programs like BNI Xpora to support a wider base of fisheries exporters.

(3) FishLog’s technologies to build trust and ensure quality

Core to FishLog’s innovation are its FishLog Trace and FishLog Smart Contract technologies. FishLog Trace enables the company to certify every individual seafood product that it comes from responsible sources, leverage tracking of products throughout its distribution journey, and provide quality insurance coverage. FishLog Smart Contract enables the company to facilitate more transparent and trusted financing for exports.

(4) Top talent to manage increasingly complex operations

FishLog’s work to build a more globally competitive fisheries industry in Indonesia continuously calls for an increasingly complex operation that oversees the sustainable flow of cash and goods across multiple countries. To that end, they have also welcomed seasoned banking exec and agritech entrepreneur Dimas Wikan Pramudhito as CFO.

(5) Global competitiveness is built on labor sustainability

FishLog makes it a point to ensure it is not only driving export capabilities of the industry but that this is also supporting productivity and livelihoods. They have since achieved a 40% increase in cold storage productivity, managing over 4000 tons of seafood inventory per month, and impacting over 100 suppliers and their employees in the fisheries industry.

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