Tue. Jul 14th, 2020

Paulo Joquino

Paving the ecommerce road for Indonesia’s rural economy with Super CEO and co-founder Steven Wongsoredjo

“The social commerce market in Indonesia is massive compared to any third-world country…In the next three to five years there’s going to be four to five kingdoms of social commerce, and we’re going to be one of them.”

Building for Indonesia’s first-time investors with Ajaib CEO and co-founder Anderson Sumarli

“Indonesia is the largest capital market in Southeast Asia, yet has the lowest investment penetration of any country of our size in the world. There’s only 1% investment penetration. The potential is huge…We are primed to take advantage of this new boom in retail investors.”

The future of cross-border logistics in Southeast Asia with Janio COO Ali Madihid and Head of B2B George Oliver

“It’s very important that you shouldn’t be putting your eggs into one basket…It’s very important [to] diversify your source of manufacturing, but more importantly work with a strong, robust, flexible logistics provider, such as Janio…”