Infrastructure gaps, fragmentation, and asymmetries abound in the region, and so do the opportunities for innovation. Here we tackle those opportunities, the forces driving these industry shifts, and how founders can best tap into them.

Southeast Asia’s car industry making a turn towards post-pandemic opportunity

US used car businesses saw growth this year with changing consumer preferences and impact on downstream supply. Similar conditions are taking shape in Southeast Asia, but opportunity does not automatically equal growth.

What does the next revolution in proptech look like for Southeast Asia?

Proptech has taken the same approach to value chain digitalization as other industries, starting with discovery, but post-discovery value propositions open up a wealth of opportunities for proptechs. Samir shares learnings from the evolution of business models in the proptechs and looks at what to build next in the space.

The Laws of Insurance Motion in Practice

Insurtechs have the potential to push the insurance industry out of its inertia, but finding distribution fit is a key challenge. Samir surveys various insurtech models and identifies the approach best positioned to disrupt the traditional offline distribution.